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 India is a Mobile First Country Here Mobile Security is Cybersecurity


As a mobile-first country, India takes the lead globally with nearly 1 billion active mobile users.  These devices have emerged as the single device to access financial, social, and educational services via the internet. The Government also encourages citizens to access services and crucial information via the use of mobile devices. In this environment, trust in mobile devices becomes a key enabler for the Government's Digital India initiative. 


The smartphone has become a versatile device that replaces the functions of various other devices like laptops, cameras, and payment terminals. Its components are developed and regulated by different industry segments. Mobile devices are part of an ecosystem involving communication networks, app stores, service providers and vendor infrastructure, which can be potential security vulnerabilities. All these parts of the mobile ecosystem could have potential security vulnerabilities. Though efforts to improve mobile security are continuous, bottlenecks still exist, as do time gaps between vulnerability discovery and patching. 

Mobile devices are increasingly targeted by a wide spectrum of security threats and malicious actors. The frauds and scams perpetrated via mobile devices have particularly impacted individuals with low literacy, the elderly, and those unfamiliar with smartphones. Given the growing threats to mobile phone users, addressing mobile security vulnerabilities is paramount in the race against hackers and scammers.

THE ICamps approach

There is a lot of usable, but scattered and unformatted information about mobile security and user protection. 


The objective of ICAMPS is to build an integrated system which can collate all the mobile security related information and provide customized and actionable knowledge to individual Indian citizens to secure their mobile devices and data on those devices. 

The aim is to not just to inform users, but ensure that they can easily understand and take actions accordingly. 

ICAMPS will provide customized insights to individual mobile phone users:

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